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Properties of calendula soap – here all


Calendula, also known popularly as “button of gold” among other denominations, has been used in beauty since ancient times. And it is that properties do not lack. To the numerous benefits for the health and employment in the feeding, its application in cosmetics is added, mainly for the skin, because it helps to the cicatrization and to avoid infections. Some peculiarities for which the natural treatments with calendula are suitable to combat problems such as acne. But its advantages are many more.


Usually, calendula in beauty is used in the form of soap, although you can find other products on the market in cream, lotions or oils. From this article, we will focus on explaining the properties of calendula soap.

Properties of the calendula for the skin

Calendula soap has many benefits in beauty due to the properties of the flower, which is usually yellow or orange. The petals of the gold button have the following features:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties: as well as a great healing power because, with its application, it is observed that wounds heal and inflammation is reduced. Some results that are achieved by the principles it contains such as faradiol, which is one of the most essential anti-inflammatories.
  • Exfoliating properties: another of the great benefits of calendula is its exfoliating capacity, which is perfect to reduce dead skin or to combat acne.
  • Moisturizing properties: the calendula is especially indicated for dry skin, since it hydrates the skin to a great extent, thus preventing the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Antibacterial properties: the calendula also has antibacterial properties and helps to eliminate skin imperfections such as warts and, even, calluses due to its acetylsalicylic acid content.

Some characteristics that, as a whole, make the calendula useful for skin infections, mosquito bites or other insects, sunburn or other irritations in the dermis, among other possible uses among which are the elimination of spots and reduction of wrinkles.

Calendula soap for acne

Calendula soap is usually used to combat acne. The truth is that, if you have this problem, it is a very effective natural remedy because it will prevent the pimples from becoming infected and new shoots appear, apart from being less inflamed and reducing the red zone that usually appears around each grain. Also, with its application, it also helps to keep marks of pimples or scars, which is often frequent when you have a severe acne problem.

Anyway, acne is not only solved with calendula soap, but it is always convenient to find out what is the cause of the appearance of granites. And, if it is a hormonal problem, you do not have the proper hygiene, or you do not eat well, the calendula may help slightly, but it will never solve the problem at all.

Calendula soap always has to be a complement to the treatment prescribed by a specialist. However, its use itself is beneficial, as well as being simple, because you only have to wash your face thoroughly with it, let it act and then rinse with plenty of water.

Calendula soap as peeling

Calendula soap has many other properties for the skin. Being a good exfoliant, it can be used without problems as a peel to remove dead skin cells from the face and the rest of the body. This use is especially indicated if you have acne, as we have said before, or your skin is fat.

It is also handy when the skin is mixed to regulate the fat that is generated, especially in the so-called ‘T’ area of ​​the face (forehead, nose, and chin). Its benefits even go further, because it can be used for dry skin due to its high power to moisten the skin, which in turn slows the appearance of wrinkles.

Its continued use is beneficial for treating warts and calluses, by exfoliating and removing dead skin cells or extra skin. An exfoliation that is key to help eliminate stains.

Contraindications of calendula soap

Although calendula has multiple benefits, it also has some contraindications that are related to the fact that it is not right to use it in certain situations.

  • Do not use on wounds that ooze: this is not recommended. Its effect is beneficial in helping to heal, but never when pus or any other liquid or substance comes out, such as the sebum of a pimple.
  • Beware of the eyes: you should also be careful when applying them in areas near the eyes, for example, if you use it to eliminate warts because it can cause some eye irritation due to the sensitivity of this area of ​​the body. Do not forget that the calendula is beneficial to avoid annoyances, but only on the dermis.

With these tips and applications, we hope we have helped you to know the properties of calendula soap. We always recommend that you consult an expert before using it.

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