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beauty tips for face pimples with cinnamon and honey


If you want to get beauty tips for face pimples and have the opportunity to wear a smooth face without black spots, you can use this homemade beauty trick. And is that the natural ingredients are fantastic to eliminate pimples in a very practical and simple way!

This is proven by this remedy made with ground cinnamon and honey, two magnificent products to eliminate grains and blackheads without having to resort to chemical substances.


One tablespoon of cinnamon powder

One tablespoon of honey

Steps to follow:

Mix ground cinnamon with honey and stir both ingredients to form a homogeneous paste.

Apply the compound on the areas of the face where pimples have appeared.

Let this homemade honey and cinnamon remedy take effect for about 30 minutes.

Repeat this operation every day until the black spots have disappeared.

Honey is rich in antibacterial properties that will help youfinish with the pimples and eliminate pimples in a short time.

Cinnamon, on the other hand, is a fantastic spice to reduce the size of the beans in a short time due to its richness in anti-inflammatory substances. The main benefits of this homemade beauty trick for skin care are the ones listed below:

allows to eliminate blackheads and pimples using two natural ingredients.

It is an economic remedy.

It is perfect to combat acne due to the multiple properties of honey and cinnamon.

Its preparation is practical and simple. If you want to take care of the skin with homemade beauty tips do not forget that honey is also perfect to preparehome remedies to eliminate redness,

What do you think about homemade beauty tricks to eliminate pimples made with ground cinnamon and honey?

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