Beauty tips for before sleep you cannot forget



Your beauty is not only in the cosmetics that you use in the day, but also in maintaining a healthy skin that looks and makes you feel good. We know that at nightfall we do not all have the courage to carry out a long beauty routine. What if the cucumbers in the eyes, that the mask for who knows what, however, if there are some tips before going to sleep that you can not let go, or your skin could suffer the consequences.


This you can achieve with micellar water. Soak a cotton ball and pass it through the areas where you have the most makeup. Eyelashes, lips, cheeks, are the most common places, however, take care that the cotton with which you unsheathed your eyes is not the same that you use for the lips or vice versa because you have the risk of becoming infected by the accumulated bacteria.

Wash your face with warm water

When your makeup is gone, wash your face with neutral soap. Massage in the form of circles and never carve too hard because you can mistreat your skin. Rinse with warm water to avoid a sudden change in temperature.


Since your skin is clean, apply moisturizer on the face and neck. Do not forget this last area, because if you do not wet it, its texture and tone can change and the difference will be strange.

Moisturize your eye contour

This area requires special care. Use a specific cream for eye contour so that during the night your skin refreshes and the next day your eyes look radiant. Choose the one you like most, personally I used a Clinique and I liked the results.

What other tip do you recommend?

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